Continuous Support

Once the clinic is chosen, the treatment booked and all forms are filled out, what happens next?

This is the point where MHA distinguish themselves from other healthcare tourism agencies in Germany. We believe that this is the stage where our services are most important. For instance, what if you need something whilst staying at the clinic and nobody speaks your language, so therefore you have no assistance? Maybe you need a magazine, or even a prepaid SIM card for your mobile phone? Hospital food not to your liking, where do you find in Munich some traditional food from your home country? Perhaps a certain course of treatment is leaving you dissatisfied and you want to try new medication – how do you go about communicating these needs on a daily basis if you don’t speak German? Sure, most doctors will speak English, but what if your request is not a medical one?

All of these are valid questions and have been handled by MHA agents in the course of support for their clients. Once in Munich, you will be treated with the level of care and attention that one would afford a family member. You will have a voice to speak for you and a friend to make sure that you are comfortable and well looked-after. We promise that your stay in Munich will be as easy and probably even easier and more relaxing than a stay in your home country.

All of this is provided as part of the care and support MHA offers its valued clients. Compassion and understanding is the hallmark of our service and we are sure you will find your stay in Munich as relaxed and comfortable as it could possibly be.