Pharmaceutical Support

So you have made the decision to seek world-class medical treatment in Munich. The next step is understanding your medication and other pharmaceutical needs. MHA is on hand throughout your stay to make sure you easily and quickly obtain any medication prescribed either in Munich, or from your doctor back in your home country.

Important Things to Know

Like most things in Germany, it pays to know the correct procedures to follow when dealing with prescriptions

  1. Do you have prescribed medication you plan to bring with you?
  2. Does your insurance cover medication prescribed by your Munich doctor?
  3. Do you have allergies or other reactions which the doctor needs to be aware of?
  4. Do you have cash in the local currency to purchase any immediately required medication?

These are just some of the questions MHA will go over with you to gain a thorough understanding of your medicinal needs. By proper planning and expert guidance, your medical stay in Munich will be free from bureaucratic obstacles and unexpected cultural hindrances.

At MHA, our agents are experienced professionals who themselves were once newcomers to Munich, so they know exactly what you are going through and how to avoid the various pitfalls of seeking medical treatment in a foreign country. You truly are in good hands with the MHA agents.