Dealing with Bureaucracy

One thing Germany is famous for, is its bureaucracy. It is what makes Germany so incredibly efficient, but yet also requests patience and fluent German-language ability of anyone attempting to negotiate the maze of forms which one must complete. In the German medical profession, this is especially true.

Nevertheless, by using MHA, we have extensive knowledge and experience of the bureaucratic twists and turns any patient may be subjected to. All MHA agents are fluent German-speakers and are well versed in handling the various types of forms you may be expected to fill in. In addition to visa requirement documentation and insurance forms, you will be expected to sign medical disclaimers and other sorts of official documents. Knowing in advance what you will need to fill out and what supporting evidence you need to bring with you to Germany, will save you time and anxiety and allow you to focus on a speedy recovery, with enough time left over on your stay to enjoy the many delights of one of the world’s greatest cities.