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Bogenhausen – Munich Municipal Hospital

Bogenhausen Hospital is one Munich’s largest public hospitals. The hospital is located in Bogenhausen, a centrally situated quarter of Munich.  Among the other 4 public hospitals it belongs to the Munich Municipal Hospital Group, the largest comprehensive care provider in Southern Germany.

To get an idea about its facilities, here are some facts about Bogenhausen Hospital:

• the hospital has 951 beds and 55 day hospital places
• 6 intensive care units with 56 beds and 15 operating theaters
• Stroke Unit
• Skin burns center
• more than 39,000 yearly treated cases with 1500 foreign patients

Spesialization: The Bogenhausen Hospital focuses on treatment of the heart / circulatory diseases, respiratory and lungs, digestive organs, musculoskeletal system, metabolism and diseases of the nervous system. Cancer patients are treated in certified oncological center with the specialized centers for colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.

Neurological Department

SPECIAL FIELDS Neurooncology with stereotaxis, neuronavigation, intraoperative imaging and nerve function monitoring, neurovascular surgery with endovascular therapy, spinal surgery (tumor, intervertebral disc, stenosis), hydrocephalus therapy, neurosurgical pain therapy, intracerebral coiling, minimal invasive endoscopic neurosurgery, neurosurgical intensive care with multimodal monitoring and therapy.

Prof. Dr. med. Christianto Lumenta – Head of Department

Prof. Dr. med. Christianto Lumenta is Head of the Department for Neurosurgery in Bogenhausen Hospital. His medical and scientific focus is on monitoring of brain function, spinal cord function and nerve function during surgical intervention, where clinical examination is not possible because of general anesthesia. Here Prof. Lumenta developed various techniques for maintaining functionality in neurosurgery of tumors and vascular diseases of the brain, the spinal cord and the spinal column. In microsurgical and/or endoscopic technique these diseases are treated in surgical procedure with monitoring of vital functions and with application of computer technology with the aid of a navigation system. With the tool of intraoperative imaging by means of ultrasound -and/or fluorescence technique the success of the treatment is documented by imaging in the course of surgery.

A similar technique by means of intraoperative computer-aided tomography with a 3-D-Scanner as well as a robot allows high precision performance when placing implants in corrective or reconstructive surgery of the spinal column. The neurosurgery department in Bogenhausen is certified for neurosurgical pain therapy by the German Society for Neurosurgery.

Prof. Lumenta was the Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the University Hospital Düsseldorf earlier in his career and, based on this expert experience, covers the complete spectrum of Pediatric Neurosurgery in Schwabing Hospital. The Schwabing Hospital has specialized Neurocentre, where all neurological conditions from diagnostics to acute therapy and rehabilitation are treated. In interdisciplinary cooperation those two, Bogenhausen Hospital and Schwabing Hospital cover the whole spectrum of neurosurgical diseases.

  Urology Department


Special uro-oncological surgery, reconstruction of urinary tract and bladder, bladder substitution techniques, special surgery of urinary tract, fistula surgery, implantation of sphincter and penis prostheses, brachytherapy of prostate carcinoma, holmium laser lithotripsy, transuretheral prostate resection with state-of-the-art Revolix-laser-technology.

The Department for Urology at Bogenhausen Hospital specializes in diagnostic and therapy of the whole range of urological tumors including organ-saving surgical techniques in cases of kidney tumor as well as reconstructive surgical therapy and surgical stone therapy. The department offers all guideline compliant therapies for localized prostate cancer (surgery, external radiotherapy and brachytherapy) as one of the very few centers in Germany and has in valuable long-term expertise in this field.

Kidney Stone Center Munich

Since the year 2010 the Department for Urology hosts the Kidney Stone Center Munich and offers complete diagnostic and therapy in an interdisciplinary network for patients with urinary stones. The clinic offers all state-of-the-art options for treatment of urinary stones in all locations, i.e. kidneys, urinary tract and urinary bladder of every level of severity. The Center treats more than 900 patients per year with urinary stones. For urinary stone analysis they provide a modern FT-infrared spectrometer and we have an individual indication consultation to advise the patients accordingly before any surgical intervention.

Dr. med. Volker Beer -Head of Department

Dr. med. Volker Beer is the Head of the Department for Urology in Bogenhausen Hospital since 2009. Here he started his career as a surgeon in 1984, he was assistant physician, then senior physician. He did part of his training in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York and at Kenneth Norris Cancer Center USC/Los Angeles. His special focus lies on urological surgery for tumor therapy, especially in cases of cancer in kidney, prostate- and testicles, as well as endoscopic therapy of cancer of the urinary bladder, benign prostate enlargement and urinary stones.

If you wish a treatment of your  health condition at Bogenhausen Hospital please contact us to get a customized cost estimate.


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Klinikum rechts der Isar- University Hospital

Klinikum rechts der Isar (on the right hand side of the river Isar) is a university hospital of the Technical University Munich (TUM). It is a very competent clinic, which refers to the highly skilled doctors, helpful nurses and dedicated assistants. With 33 clinics and departments and about 1,100 beds, this leading German university hospital covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine and has experts available to treat all types of illness, including rare disorders. Around 55,000 inpatients and 220,000 outpatients benefit annually from the highest standard of medical care.

Individual Treatment

Typically, patients are cared for by a team of doctors from various disciplines who focus intensively on key treatment issues; this cooperation is particularly important to successfully treat diseases like cancer. Advanced technical equipment and highly qualified staff allow a full diagnosis and planning the treatment process on an individual scheme.

Tip: Klinikum Rechts der Isar especially known for its advanced approach to:

  • Individual therapy in oncology
  • Infection and Immunity
  • Allergies in the context of the environment and nutrition
  • Molecular Imaging

Application of new scientific findings

The Klinikum Rechts der Isar is internationally recognized for the close connection between basic research, clinical research and patient care.
Due to the fact that the hospital has its own scientific base and specialists of the University Hospital Rechts der Isar in Munich work in close collaboration with academic institutions of the clinic so that patients benefit from the early application of new scientific findings. Meanwhile, the daily experience of physicians can be used to direct research objectives towards areas of need.
Thanks to this philosophy, Klinikum Rechts der Isar is an international success and enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence in patient care, research and teaching. There are about 200 MED PhDs graduating every year which indicates a high level of the research work.

The highest standard of medical care

It is also the first Bavarian and one of the few German university hospitals since April 2011 to operate on a certified quality management system. This means it must regularly demonstrate that it has defined and controlled treatment and support processes and continuously improve the quality of the patient experience.

Cutting-edge facilities, accompanied by the best possible professional advice and excellent accommodation will make your medical treatment as smooth as possible. Browse our selection of top Munich clinics, doctors and treatment centres and contact us to discuss your requirements with our medical expert.

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